12141677_870046953102572_5661768951687363351_nWe all do it.

Freak out, that is.

We’re going along with life and then, BAM, a roadblock hits. We go from happy-go-lucky to all-out-panic faster than a roadster in a FURIOUS movie. Whether it’s a pop-quiz, relationship breakup or a more serious event like divorce or cancer, our life has been disrupted in such a way, we can’t see beyond this present circumstance…so we freak out.

But God is calling us to live differently. To trust Him with every area of our lives, good and bad, planned and unexpected. To actively believe that even when we don’t see it, He is working ALL things for our good (Romans 8:28).

This kind of trust changes our perspective on what would’ve been freak out moments, to moments where we look to Him and trust that He is working in our present circumstance to bring good: to challenge, to strengthen, to bless.

I started this site for teenagers, to encourage, challenge and inspire you to remember God’s love for you every day…to trust Him when life happens.

Join me on this adventure. I welcome you to share comments, prayer requests, and joys.



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